Talyllyn Railway 'Sir Haydn' (ex Corris Railway) at Towyn.

The last picture shows the end result of my normal process, but this time using gimp-2.10 and my updated plugin. Before that, a look at two alternative options for (slightly) more shadow detail - Advanced Tone Mapping on its own, and the new Shadows-Highlights tool.

First, the camera's own jpeg, resized to 900 pixels high.
Camera jpeg
Second, from the raw photo at 0EV.
0EV raw
Third, the 0EV raw shot with Advanced Tone Mapping.
Raw with Advanced Tone Mapping
Fourth, with an added curve for more contrast.
Add curve for contrast
Fifth, gimp-2.10 adds a Shadows-Highlights tool in the Colous menu, here at values of 100 and 50.
Raw with Shadows-Highlights
Sixth, add default values of GEGL unsharp mask to Shadows-Highlights.
Add unsharp mask
Lastly, my normal process: three exposures, local contrast enhancement, advanced tone mapping, curves, unsharp mask - for 2.10 I'm using the GEGL unsharp mask.
Three exposures plus all the bells and whistles