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Analysis of TTF and OTF font coverage :
For the moment, this is the main part of the site, the other items are just odds and ends.

Console fonts

Miscellaneous for Console keyboard

Xorg Keyboard stuff

my latex test files


Recent updates

2016-11-12 Some text changes in the TTF and OTF fonts page, corrections of typos, and I started to classify the sans and serif fonts in the table.

2016-09-05 Bugfix update of the latex-test tarball (error in the configure script if no korean font was found).

2016-08-18 Reinstated the old fireflysung into the fonts, and renumbered everything after that.

2016-08-17 Fixes in the TTF / OTF fonts.

2016-08-05 - Released the reworked TTF / OTF font stuff.

TM stuff

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