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Current contents

Analysis of TTF and OTF font coverage :

Gimp plugin to use three versions of a raw image :

Modified Advanced Tone Mapping gimp plugin :

The remaining items are just odds and ends.

Console fonts

Miscellaneous for Console keyboard

Xorg Keyboard stuff

my latex test files


Recent updates

2019-08-06 Fixed version of my "Three Exposures" plugin for gimp-2.10 (it now displays the changes immediately). Also a version of the old Advanced Tone Mapping gimp plugin, modified to not crash in 2.10 on e.g. 6000x4000 photos at the default setting.

2019-08-06 Revised details for SourceCodePro font.

2018-05-07 New version of my "Three Exposures" plugin for gimp-2.10,

2018-02-08 Updated the links for liberation and lohit fonts to point to their current homes.

2017-11-09 The remaining 'lipsum' files have now been converted to use the same text for each font.

2017-09-02 I've reworked the examples for the "Three Exposures" plugin, and there is now a version for gimp-2.9.

2017-06-18 Added my "Three Exposures" gimp plugin for getting more shadow and highligh detail out of raw photos.

2017-03-03 Fedorahosted is no more. I found a mirror for the Liberation fonts, and uploaded the all-in-one lohit ttf tarball I have been using.

2017-02-27 Updated lipsum files for arabic, armenian, bengali, georgian, Updated DejaVu to 2.37, removed my comment that DejaVuSansMono does not cover Laotian - the two missing letters in that block are for a different language.

2017-01-24 Fixed a few links, and changed all the Noto links to point to current versions where you do not need to download the whole set of the Noto fonts (does anybody actually need a font covering Linear B ?)

2016-12-31 Added a second table of fonts (and now a third with so far just one entry), revised some of the lipsum files, fixed download links for the old Arphic fonts.

2016-12-08 Added PDF-substitute files to document fontconfig's substitutions for missing latin fonts, plus comments in Downloading re perms and that it is not necessary to run fc-cache.

2016-11-12 Some text changes in the TTF and OTF fonts page, corrections of typos, and I started to classify the sans and serif fonts in the table.

2016-09-05 Bugfix update of the latex-test tarball (error in the configure script if no korean font was found).

2016-08-18 Reinstated the old fireflysung into the fonts, and renumbered everything after that.

2016-08-17 Fixes in the TTF / OTF fonts.

2016-08-05 - Released the reworked TTF / OTF font stuff.

TM stuff

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